Avocado oil 100% organic, coldpressed

Avocado oil 100% organic, coldpressed

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Avocado oil contains squalene, which has anti-inflammatory properties, and chlorophyll, which supports the regeneration of the epidermis. This thick, green oil with a characteristic scent* is irreplaceable in the care of dry and irritated skin.

Pure and coldpressed avocado oil from controlled organic farming.
• Rich source of unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins A and E.
Regenerates and soothes irritations.
• For sensitive, dry and irritated skin.
• Cruelty free.
• Vegan.

INCI: Persea gratissima oil

*the smell of this oil is very intense and does not suit everyone :-)

The set includes a pipette and an atomizer.

How to use:
Apply the oil directly to the skin and massage gently. You can also add a few drops to your favourite face cream or body lotion. 

Store in a refrigerator after opening.