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Hemp Seed Oil 100% Pure & Organic Coldpressed

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  • MULTIPLE HAIR BENEFITS: Hemp Seed Oil Contains Essential 80% Fatty Acids, Vitamin D, E And Gamma-Linoleic Acid, Which Is Ceramides Source That Plays An Important Role In Keeping Protein And Water. Hemp Oil Is Easily Absorbed By The Scalp, So It Helps Deeply Nourish It.
  • SUPPORTS KERATIN FORMATION: Fatty Acids And Vitamins Contributes To Keratin Formation, Thereby Making The Hair Stronger And Healthier. Hemp Oil Also Helps Improve The Blood Circulation To The Scalp. This Helps Nourish The Hair Follicles For Better Hair Growth.
  • ANTI-ACNE TREATMENT: Hemp Seed Oil Contains Over 57% Linoleic Acid, Which Is Ideal For Acne, Blemishes And Oily Skin, As It Will Rebalance The Skin's Sebum Secretion, Causing It To Be Less Thick, Viscous And Sticky. With Continued Use Of Hemp Seed Oil, The Skin's Sebum Will Regulate Its Secretion Levels And Improve In Its Composition, Leaving You With Balanced, Clear And Healthier-Looking Skin.
  • 100% PURE & ORGANIC, No Additives, Highest Quality - Produced In Accordance To Ecocert, Vegan Society, European Organic Regulations (EC) No 834/2007 Standards | Dark Glass Bottle With Dropper, Transportation Damage Secured, Satisfaction Guaranteed, Best Choice 5 Star Product | INCI: Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil (100%).

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