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Black Cumin Seed Oil 100% Pure & Organic Coldpressed

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✔ NUMEROUS BENEFITS-Hydrates, moisturizes and enhances your skin’s softness and smoothness. Increases the production of fatty acids and boosts effectively the hydration of your skin. Protects from the sun, stimulates collagen synthesis and much more. An organic skin care product that can upgrade the look of your skin and promote its youthfulness!

✔ GOLD QUALITY-We strive to produce and provide only the best facials that will always satisfy you and will never create any irritations. That is why, for our complete skin treatment we have chosen 100% pure black Cumin oil that can only help your skin and appearance!

✔ UNMATCHED FORMULATION-of top notch elements that are well known for their skin and health benefits. Rich in Beta-Carotene, Vitamin E and K1 that work as antioxidants, Omega 3 acids, Vitamin C, Zinc and the list goes on. A cocktail of the nature’s most powerful nutrients that can help your face regain its natural beauty!

✔ ANTIBACTERIAL & ANTI-INFLAMMATORY-The perfect treatment for acne and redness that can occur from many diseases and allergies. Heals infections faster and is also great for eczema, skin boils and psoriasis scales. A must have for your infected and full of scars and pimples face!

✔ ANTI-AGING PROPERTIES-Thanks to the Black Cumin oil that is full of antioxidants the delay of the aging process is possible. By accelerating the skin cell renewal, our anti-aging cleanser can prevent the formation of wrinkles and may reduce existing ones, cleaning your face from undesirable age marks and fine lines.

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